At Rimoco we believe that data should drive decision making within a business. Web Analytics data from solutions by Google and other suppliers have helped us prove many business cases and justify ROI and design decisions time and time again. By measuring your websites analytics data over time you can manage change and use it continually improve your website to meet your customers needs.

Day-to-day web analytics should be used to be a part of driving many key design decisions and building useful dashboards of data that can be used to engage with customers more effectively and also provide a source of reporting for business stakeholders.

When reviewing your web analytics it’s important to remember 3 key pointers:

– Why are we collecting the data?
– How will we collect, store and present the data?
– How will we use it to improve the customer experience?



/ 1


Traffic Source | Unique Visitors | New Visitors
What are we doing to attract new customers to our websites?

/ 2


Time on Site | Bounce Rate | Visitor Loyalty
What happens when they land on our website?

/ 3


Goals | Revenue | Conversion
What was the business impact, both online and offline?


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